Maroubra Beach Left Spotless after the very First #surfsupcleanup Event!

Maroubra Beach Left Spotless after the very First #surfsupcleanup Event!

The inaugural #surfsupcleanup event took place this past Saturday and saw over 30 participants grab a bag and clean up Maroubra Beach at Sydney! Sponsored by H2coco, Surfing NSW and Surfrider Foundation, the event encouraged the local community to take part in making our beaches cleaner and more beautiful. After it was all said and done, the amount of rubbish collected was staggering.

All in all, the beach clean up recorded the following:

  • 1246 cigarette butts
  • 27 Metal beer caps
  • 547 plastic wrapping
  • 274 plastic bits
  • 25 cotton buds/ lollipop sticks
  • 5 bottles
  • 27 bits of toys
  • 47 foam bits
  • 3 ropes
  • 11 pieces of glass
  • 5 pieces of clothing36 straws
  • 4 cans
  • 124 pieces of paper
  • 20 balloons
  • 156 polystyrene foam pieces
  • 79 foil bits
  • 8 pieces of cardboard
  • 14 pieces of medical waste
  • 2 thongs
  • 36 plastic bottle lids
  • 3 plastic bags

Collectively, the amount of rubbish collected weighed 4 kgs! That’s 4kgs of rubbish that could have ended up in the ocean, potentially harming the sea’s ecosystems.


H2coco would personally like to thank each and every person that came down to take part in the very first #surfsupcleanup Beach Clean Up! We’re already looking forward to the next one later this year. Better for you, for me, and the sea.

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