Bondi Rescue's 'Harries' Joins the H2coco Family!

Bondi Rescue's 'Harries' Joins the H2coco Family!

H2coco is proud to announce legendary lifeguard and Bondi Rescue star, Anthony' Harries' Carroll as our brand new ambassador! The partnership will see Harries promote the importance of living a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle as well supporting our campaign around environmental sustainability.

"I'm stoked to be joining the H2coco family. As someone who has a passion for healthy living and the environment, I want to inspire people to choose options that are better for you and better for all and consider ways to help contribute to a healthier planet. H2coco is the perfect extension of this and a brand that I am proud to be supporting. We both believe in health and wellbeing, including the mind and body, as well as our precious environment... plus they are Bondi Beach-born!"

Having Harries as our brand new ambassador was a no brainer as he truly represents all that we stand for! David Freeman, founder of H2coco says that "Harries fits perfectly within our vision and culture and is as passionate as we are about inspiring Australians to be eco-friendly and live a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle".

So look forward to Harries joining the team and expect to see his face a lot more moving forward! (Not that that's a bad thing!).

You can follow Harries on his Instagram page @harriesbondi.

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