H2juice Mango Mix 1.25L x6

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A delightful blend of tropical fruits that will transport your tastebuds to their summertime happy place and is a good source of Vitamin C!
H2jUICE is the only 100% natural long-life juice range made without concentrate! H2jUICE is sustainably sourced and bottled in Vietnam, a tropical paradise renowned for its fresh, deliciously exotic, high quality fruit. H2jUICE is 100% natural, straight from the fruit, that means no additives, not from concentrate and no added sugar.

How to enjoy H2jUICE:
⋆ Blend with your morning smoothie
⋆ A glass with breakfast to start the day!
⋆ Pop in the eski for a beach picnic
⋆ Mix in your cocktail
⋆ Make frozen ice blocks
⋆ Drink when you need a boost of Vitamin C

Why H2jUICE?
Your choice of our healthier drinks is making a positive impact on the environment! For every bottle of H2jUICE purchased, the equivalent weight in plastic is removed from ocean-bound waste. H2jUICE is also carbon neutral, we offset all emissions by investing into clean energy!

Product Features:
⋆ 100% natural
⋆ Good source of Vitamin C
⋆ Not from concentrate
⋆ No added sugar
⋆ Naturally gluten-free, fat-free and lactose-free
⋆ No cholesterol
⋆ Vegan friendly
⋆ This bottle removes its equivalent weight in plastic from ocean-bound waste
⋆ Net zero emissions