Brand Ambassadors

Our Brand Ambassadors

Anthony 'Harries' Carroll


Anthony Carroll, better known as Bondi Harries, has spent the majority of his life braving the ocean and helping those in need. But when he's not, Harries is promoting the healthy and active lifestyle!

His life is the embodiment of H2coco's value of living a healthy lifestyle and it only made sense for him to jump on board and be the face of H2coco - and a handsome face at that!

You can follow Harries on his Instagram page here!

Belinda Norton

Personal Trainer & Dietician

There is almost nothing that Belinda Norton can’t do: health and fitness educator, author, recipe creator, motivational speaker, teacher, and a single mum of two. Her resume speaks for herself and she uses her platform to share the secret to living well!

A champion of living an optimal, healthy lifestyle, Belinda is an inspiration to not only her two children but to women around the world.

Follow Belinda on her Instagram page here!

Tanya Beths

professional athlete

Tanya is an absolute superstar professional athlete, especially on the beach sports scene. Tanya has represented our country in beach volleyball and beach handball (yep - it's a thing!) and is continuously competing in competitions throughout the year.

Tanya is an inspiration both on and off the court and we especially value her attitude towards healthy living and balance. We're super proud to have her on board!

Follow Tanya on her Instagram page here!

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