H2coco and Surfing NSW waving waste goodbye with Beach Clean Up campaign #surfsupcleanup

H2coco and Surfing NSW waving waste goodbye with Beach Clean Up campaign #surfsupcleanup

Australia’s ‘better for you’ lifestyle beverage brand H2coco has teamed up with Surfing NSW to lead a new sustainability initiative to protect our coastline. The Beach Clean Up campaign #surfsupcleanup is a new initiative where the local community arm themselves with sustainably-sourced cleaning gear from Surfrider Foundation Australia, come down and help beautify our beaches!

Everyone is encouraged to attend the first Beach Clean Up which will be held on Saturday, 27 July 2019 at Maroubra Beach during the 2019 Havaianas NSW Grommet State Title. Don’t feel too bad if you can’t make the first one, there will be future Beach Clean Up events through the H2coco and Surfing NSW partnership – stay tuned for more details on a Beach Clean Up close to you.

Why is this important to us?

The beach and the sea are almost synonymous with the H2coco brand -  from our beginnings on the sunny shores of Bondi to our partnerships with Surfing NSW and QLD - and so naturally, it is something close to our heart! Unfortunately, our beaches are littered with all kinds of rubbish on a daily basis, and not only is it unsightly, but it harms the natural flora and fauna of the sea. We want to keep our beaches clean, healthy and looking beautiful which is why the Beach Clean Up is something we’re super stoked to be doing moving forward!

How can you get involved?

  • Come down to Maroubra Beach on Saturday, 27 July – registrations start from 11.00am
  • Connect on social media and use hashtag #surfsupcleanup
  • H2coco: Facebook | TwitterInstagram
  • Surfing NSW: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
  • Surfrider: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
  • Spread the word of Beach Clean Up and let’s build #surfsupcleanup into a national movement

H2coco and Surfing NSW are riding the same wave with sustainability high on our agenda. We want to make sure that the only thing we’re leaving in the sand are footprints – better for you, me and the sea.


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