What does your plastic do?

At H2, we are committed to sustainability and acting in a way that will enable us to be better for the environment. As a company, we acknowledge our environmental impact and are taking action now to help protect the environment. 

H2coco becomes better for the environment

We are proud to announce that by July 2022, the entire H2 range will be Certified Plastic Neutral by Plastic Bank. Plastic Bank will collect the equivalent of one ocean-bound plastic bottle for every bottle purchased.

With Plastic Bank®, we are able to neutralise our company’s plastic footprint and beyond; we help improve lives of collector communities while cleaning the environment. Learn more about Plastic Bank HERE.

Ready to make a difference?

This is just the start of our journey to become better for the environment. By 2023, we aim to use only recycled or biodegradable materials across our entire range. We are working closely with our suppliers to minimise our environmental impact.

We believe that taking small sustainable actions every day can improve the health of our oceans, our planet, and our future. By choosing any H2 product you can be confident knowing you’re choosing healthier, better-for-you drinks that are better for the environment too.


- David Freeman CEO -