What do Real Values mean for you?

Real Values underpin the quality of our products, the causes we support and the way we do business.

We source the finest natural ingredients from suppliers who treat their employees fairly, take care of the environment, and invest in local communities.

We visit each one personally to make sure of that, and we never scrimp on quality or compromise our values in the name of profit.


“Whether it’s treating suppliers fairly, or protecting the environment, I choose to spend my money with companies that do things the right way.

There’s so much information available these days, that you really do have the choice to decide where your money goes and who it supports. You can find products which are fully recyclable, and produced by people who are paid a fair wage for their work.

You might not feel like it makes a huge difference, but if every individual takes a second to think about why they are buying, then it can become a very powerful force for good.”