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We know that not all coconut waters are created equal so at h2coco HQ we’re constantly seeking ways to innovate and bring delicious hydration to the masses. In our pursuit for coconutty excellence, the h2coco team embarked on a colourful journey drinking in the soaring sights and scintillating scents of Thailand.

Why is coconut water pink?
It is on this journey that we discovered the permeating aroma of the delicately sweet coconuts of the Amphawa region, and knew we’d found Mecca. With their unique pinky hues due to the naturally high level of antioxidants found only in Nam Hom coconuts, we’re able to bring their pink perfection from Thailand to Australia to you.

Equally at home as your post-gym crush or in your party-prep cocktail, the delicate aromatic sweetness of H2pink means there’s a new go-to drink in town. Pick h2pink and light up your day.

If you don’t believe that coconuts are kings to drink, then we’re going to get you to rethink with H2pink. Sweeter and more delicate in flavour than most coconut waters, our rosy new addition is the missing link. A 100% natural restorative drink that will have you living life to the full, our playfully pink twist on our best selling h2coco is set to be a permanent fixture in your fridge. We at h2coco like to look on the lighter side of life, which is why we created a playful twist on our coconutty favourite, introducing h2coco Pure Pink.

It’s completely natural

When the rise and grind is weighing you down, let yourself soar with Pure Pink. The Queen of 100% natural hydration, our delicate aromatic coconut water will send your thirst packing. Not from concentrate, with no added sugars, no preservatives and no additives, power up with h2coco Pure Pink and slay the day. Sweeter, more delicious, and with a delicate floral fragrance, leave your tastebuds tickled pink with our new hydration sensation, Pure Pink.

Younger, sweeter coconuts

Young, fun and full of yum our exclusive Pure Pink coconut water comes from hand-picked young Nam Hom coconuts from the Amphawa region of Thailand. Sustainably farmed by locals, this area is renowned for its nutrient-rich soil giving the coconuts a lighter, sweeter more aromatic flavour.

Pink Colour & Fragrant Aroma

Balmy nights, pink sunsets, and salty air. Does it get any better than this? It does. Enter H2pink. Dive into the night with this delicate, aromatic twist on our original h2coco made from an exclusive limited harvest of deliciously refreshing young Nam Hom coconuts.

Potassium & Sodium

Feeling flushed? Cool down with the delicate, floral feels of our Pure Pink coconut water made from exclusive Nam Hom coconuts. When you need hydration fast this Queen of Coconuts has you covered, with its delicate, sweet taste and plenty of potassium and sodium to see you bounce back fast.


Why fit in when you can stand out? That’s what we thought too, so we set out to bring you the sweetest, most delicious, most refreshing coconut water on earth. Introducing h2coco’s Pure Pink. Made from an exclusive limited harvest of Nam Hom coconuts from the Amphawa region of Thailand, these aromatic young coconuts blush with benefits from the antioxidant Polyphenol which is responsible for our water’s coral hue. When looking good and feeling great is paramount - stand tall, and pick Pure Pink.

Small collective of sustainable farms

h2coco’s Pure Pink coconut water is farmed from a small collective of sustainable farmers in the Amphawa region of Thailand, where their Nam Hom young coconuts are known for their playful pinky hues and delicate floral aroma. By h2coco supporting their local economy through sustainable farming practises, you’re doing good as you drink H2pink in and give good vibes out. Cultivate kindness and pick pink - H2pink.