H2melon - Watermelon Water

Straight From The Melon To YO Mouth!

Everyone loves watermelons! That's why H2melon has jam-packed everyoneʼs favourite superfood into convenient easy to carry packs, so you can retire your melon-baller and just drink up.

The ingredients? We have kept it simple with 100% WATERMELON WATER.

Available in 500ml or 1L re-sealable bottles, so no matter the size of your thirst weʼve got you covered.


You already know how well H2melon keeps you hydrated and the antioxidant goodness it offers, but the impressive stuff has been researched and highlighted by independent nutritional professionals – and we all know they aren’t allowed to exaggerate.

Let’s start with Lycopene.

It might sound like the latest Sci-Fi film but Lycopene is a plant nutrient with the kind of antioxidant goodness your body craves*.

Potassium Power

When your body needs hydration, potassium comes to the rescue and fortunately H2melon is loaded with it. Skilled at replenishing your body’s electrolyte levels, potassium naturally assists with your muscle functions*, the way nature intended.

Sugar is the new Felicia. Bye!

Thanks to the natural great taste of watermelon, we don’t need to rely on added sugars to give H2melon the sensational flavour it’s known and loved for. So quench your thirst and hydrate the natural way while telling sugar that the romance is over.

We ‘heart’ L-Citrulline

H2melon contains the amazing amino acid, L-Citrulline - its name is even derived from the Latin term for watermelon juice!